Claustrophobic life

Have you ever felt like you’re slowly running out of air? like the metaphorical walls in your life are slowly closing in….and you wanna stop it, you really do but you. just. can’t. That’s how i feel sometimes.
I’ve have been out of school for almost a year now. I’m unemployed but currently taking web design courses. I’m not allowed to go out and that’s deadly to my social life.

I’m a young ambitious female that’s yearning to burst open and conquer the work aspect of life but i feel…..stuck. its scary, knowing exactly what you should be doing but yet they aren’t being put into action. My parents are very strict, so I never have time for actual self care- you know,going for walks by the beach or having lunch with friends.

Sometimes i wonder, when is it gonna change? I can feel the walls getting closer. I’m slowly running out of breath.. then everything stops. everything except my strong believe that someday i will live the life i was meant to live,

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