My relationship… was it a “him” or “We”

I was in a toxic relationship. There i said it. It’s something I struggled to come to grips with. Not because I didn’t want to believe it but more because I look back and wonder how i let myself go through this. I couldn’t help but wonder…how?

Before i get into my thoughts, lemme back it up. It was about 2 years since we’ve been together, he started to become rather..possessive. I had no freedom and my life constantly revolved around him. He always wanted to manipulate me and acted like he was the victim- a classic. I became depressed. I loved him… how could I love him? I started to lose myself. I no longer saw myself as someone taken.. I was emotionally and mentally a prisoner, a sucker for love one might say. Thankfully, somehow.. i managed to pull myself out of that relationship. I did what to me, seemed like the hardest thing in the world but i was wrong. The hardest thing wasn’t leaving the person I truly loved…It was picking up the broken pieces of me and putting them back together, they still aren’t back to together but it’s better. I always wondered why people stayed in toxic relationships. It should be superrr easy to leave…right? wrong. It isn’t. So anyone who was and still is struggling in a toxic relationship. It is okay to leave. It is okay to feel the way you’re feeling and none of it is your fault ❤

It has been almost a year. I’ve transitioned into this beautiful state of mind and i couldn’t be more proud of myself ❤ I still love him and I probably always will but I love myself even more.

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