11.10 pm

It’s sad. Everything is. It’s terrible that we have to humans have to constantly validate ourselves through appearances. I hear people say “where’s the humanity gone?” But on the contrary, did we ever have any?

I’m not fully educated to say but these are obviously just my opinion. Have we ever had any sort of humanity ?? We are flesh and blood but yet seem to act like lifeless metal- tough,dead,cold.

We’ve always put tangible profits Infront of the important things. The only difference from now and I don’t know, the 19th century is that we are constantly learning new and foolproof ways to gain these said profits.

Do we not see that our animals are dying? That the earth is become to clustered and tired? Or do we not care enough? The sad thing is, even if a few of us do see this…what can be done? How’s an army of say 3 million gonna stand in the way of powers who feed those 3 million mouths? It’s sad and terrible to think about. And I wish. I wish I could do more

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