Book review: To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

A timeless classic…

This book is no stranger to most of us. We’ve written papers on it in school or just read it in our adult lives. Right off the bat, some people say this book is too “controversial” and in my personal opinion, this book is literally just reflecting how life is.So it isn’t controversial just reality

In this book review, I’m obviously writing on my personal opinion. In literate, every point of view can be validated. This is the first time I’m writing a review so please comment what i can do to improve . It would be such a big help! Enjoy.

What is this book about?

This book about a man and his two children living during the great depression. The children learn valuable life lessons through their father, neighbor and a few other events that seem subtle but hold deep conflict and moral values. More specifically, the title is a metaphor. It means killing one’s innocence. This would reflect the event of a trial that is based on prejudice , leading to convicting an innocent man.

The point of view and the author

The story is told through a child’s point of view. That child would be Scout, the tomboyish daughter. Lee did an excellent job by using Scout.It allows us to tap into OUR inner innocence so the events seems to feel as if we too are experiencing them. We get to see how much she is affected by the decision of her father and community. In one event, Scout is mocked by classmates because her father, a white man, is defending a black in court. Scout is confused and cannot understand why they would have an issue would that. Here is where her wise and open-minded father tells her not to bother with them.

Final thoughts

Now, I tried my best not to go into details about this book because it’s best to enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is- a perfect book. This book is by far my favorite. It affects me in such a positive way and it reminds me to continue to be humble and be just spread love into this world and be accepting as I can be. I recommend this book to anyone who I know. i CANNOT EXAGGERATE ENOUGH HOW GOOD IT IS, The author definitely did a good job when it comes to connecting with readers. The themes and messages were portrayed perfectly

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