Its not 3 am but it sure feels like it

To everyone reading,  I wish i had the answers to give you but I’m searching just as you are. I have not been as consistent as i would like to be on this blog because im spending time brainstroming on how i can make this blog more personalised and more enjoyable not only for readers but to me.

Nothing’s worse than feeling stuck     there’s so much bad in world and sometimes I feel so much guilt for feeling the way I do about any inconvience that is caused to my life. There’s always that voice at the back of my mind teling me to stop over reacting, that there is people in so much worst….and there is but my emotions are real and there is nothing i can do to stop them but it all comes down to me being scared… of losing this passion that I’m not sure I’ve even found yet.

Is there something out there for me? how will i find it?

To whoever reads this… I hope you do what truly makes you happy. Always run towards your passion even when you do something else for a living. To those whose work are their passions.. I’m 100% sure you will be okay in whatever it is that comes before you.

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