My love-hate relationship with my brown skin.

This post isn’t about racism but it will be about how much i have been battling to fully accept that I am a female of color and I do have a chocolate brown complexion.

Let me back up a bit.

I am from Guyana, South America and I am of Indian and European descent. My complexion is about dark brown. Everyone skin color varies but just like everywhere else on the planet it seems like a lighter complexion is the “perfect”. I always heard the typical sayings while growing up…”Always stay in the house”…”You shouldn’t be in the sun too long, you’re a female and you don’t want to get any darker” phf! Whatever that means *rolls eyes*

Now, I believe all skin color should be appreciated but I feel like my emotions are constantly contradicting my believes. Its stupid if you think about. Its stupid that someone has to be insecure about the way they literally born. We aren’t talking about weight or hair length or anything that’s always changing. We are talking about the color of our skin here and it saddens me that I feel insecure about it and its even more sad that I wasn’t encouraged to love myself during my first few years. It took me years to realize that I feel the way i do. My only question now is why we think beauty has a limited standard? Do we always need to compete and belittle the other? It just makes me wonder… will society always look at the different as inadequate? We all should be accepted from the palest pale to pitch black.

I have been trying to accept myself as the beautiful, smart female that I am. No one, regardless of their complexion should be insecure. No one should tell people how or why they should’ve looked. So to anyone out there, feeling like they aren’t enough because of the way you are born….you aren’t alone but you aren’t no less either ❤

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