Bullied for having trichotillomania?

It took me five tries to spell trichotillomania. I have it but I’m not used to saying ,typing or writing it’s name.

I have trich. I wasn’t professionally diagnosed but no one just plucks hair off of themselves. I don’t need to be diagnosed.

The first time I can remember plucking

I was probably in 8th grade. I plucked a few times, not alot of hair but I didn’t know what I was doing had more depth than just loosing hair. It went on a couple times till one day half of each brow had gone. I was blackout episodes I didn’t know when I plucked but I know I did. My family asked and I lied I said I scratch them too hard. Lame excuse right ? Lol. It continued like this a lot.


I never see people online posting about being bullied for plucking. Must be because we such a good job at hiding it. When I first plucked so much I was left with two halves of two brows. I was scared. I was kid that didn’t understand what I did of why. And I always didn’t understand makeup, so I was unable to mask them .

Luckily, no one treated me badly for my pkucking. No one could figure out why I plucked( which they didn’t know I did, I’d always say it was freak accidents) but there was this one girl in my class. She noticed one day. And started to laugh and kept on loudly asking what was going on. That drew alot of attention to me. And I froze . I cried when I got home .it was the worst feeling in the world .


It’s not mystery. My trich was stemmed from my anxiety. Looking back,I always had anxiety growing up. I was just not aware of these issues. Lately, I’ve been very anxious and that was caused me to pluck toto t extreme (I only pluck brow and lashes,by the way). two weeks ago, I didn’t have any hairs on either, now they’ve started to grow bk. I’m very determined on trying to handle my trich better because it’s frustrating to continuously hide and be insecure. I’ve gotten comfortable to my hair loss but there’s still a part of my terrified.

What helps me:

I’ve tried everything.

The using a hat to restrain urself from getting to the hairs. The thinking about what am I feeling.nothing worked.. fortunately, lately I’ve realized that once my brows and lashes are covered in some time imof oil, it almost feels soothing. So I keep a bottle of castor oil by my bed and I apply it to the hairs every night. If I skip one night, I have a blackout and pluck all over again .so make sure to keep the oil where you’ll always see and remember to apply it.

Please. If anyone has trichotillomania. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I am no professional but we can talk about it. To some people, just losing some hairs off of body isn’t an issue…but it’s more than that. It’s the feeling of being scared, embarrassed, insecure, anxious. It’s the feeling of constantly worrying if people can see that Ur missing hair .it takes up alot in the thought process and on our emotions. It will all be okay though ❤️

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